March 9, 2016 (12:00 PM)

Sri Budha Homes reserves privilege of using official logo

Sri Budha Homes applied for the trademark registration to have a privilege on using our official logo in our official activities. Sri Budha Homes is a vizag based reliable real estate company, established in 2015 by a group of people who have 20 years’ experience in providing quality service to the thousands of the customers.

Sri Budha Homes has a vision and works on a mission of developing excellent real estate ventures which are suitable to the standards of the future Smart City Visakhapatnam. Actually, Sri Budha Homes is eager to show its speciality in developing housing layout projects in various areas of the Smart City Vizag. So, Sri Budha Homes would like to get people’s attention by an identity.

Finally, Sri Budha Homes created an excellent logo to symbolise our business by it and also decided to protect its intellectual property. Sri Budha Homes approached Intellectual Property Department of India to have a permanent right on it. Govt. of India welcome us to represent our brand by our official logo without any issue.

So, it is official now. No one is allowed to use or reproduce it in any manner. However, Sri Budha Homes allows to represent our brand name in print and electric media with appropriate permission or can use without permission by following the guidelines of using our official logo in promotional activities only.

Sri Budha Homes has right to claim our intellectual property legally and seriously considers tampering the concept of our logo. Sri Budha Homes is now represents our brand logo by TM symbol from now.

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